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Whales and Polar Bears and Responsible Pet Ownership

on February 26, 2014

So probably you didn’t know this but this month is supposed to be responsible pet owners month. I’m a responsible pet owner because my mom makes me do things like clean the litter box for our cats SaliDaliCat (that’s short of Salvador Dali Cat) and Oreo Speedwagon. My brothers were responsible pet owners before I was because they had to clean the litter box before it got to be my job.

But you know what I found out? In the middle of the month it was World Whale Day and in one more day it’s going to be National Polar Bear Day. I think that’s funny because the only place I think a polar bear would be (except for zoos) is in Alaska. Besides Alaska, I don’t think you’re going to find any polar bears.  But if you count the polar bears in zoos, then there’s polar bears all over the place! And tomorrow, everybody gets to celebrate them with National Polar Bear Day!

If you go to a zoo, you should remember these important things so you’re a good visitor.

First of all, don’t give any of the animals any food. That’s because the zoo people have special food for all the animals, and you never know when a animal might have a health problem that needs special food. So don’t feed the animals.

Second of all, don’t bug the animals with yelling at them or banging on their enclosure walls or things like that. You wouldn’t like it if they went to your house and did that to you, so don’t do that to them.

Third of all, be nice to the animals. Smile and wave at them, but don’t stick your head or your arms inside the places they live. Don’t hang over the side of the fences and stuff like that. You would get mad at them if they went to your house and stuck their heads in your house even if you had the door open. Don’t do that to them unless you’re ready to have them bite your head off … for real!

And fourth of all, if you really want to be nice to the animals, then make a donation to the zoo so they can keep taking good care of the animals that are living there.

My mom is always saying that SaliDaliCat and Oreo Speedwagon eat as much as another teenager so I’m pretty sure a polar bear probably eats as much as two teenagers. Maybe they could even EAT two teenagers if they were really hungry, so you don’t want any polar bears get THAT hungry. That’s why leaving a donation to feed them would be the best present you could give polar bears on National Polar Bear Day tomorrow.

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