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Where Did It Go?

on February 19, 2014

Just so you know, I’ve been waiting a really long time for the giant asteroid to show up in the sky on Monday just like the astronomers said it would. Except it disappeared. That’s what the astronomers said in the newspapers. They said it disappeared.

A huge, way big asteroid named 2000 EM26 just went Poof! and disappeared … just like that.  Asteroid, asteroid, asteroid … Hey! Where did 2000 EM26 go?

It was going to be on the Slooh Space Camera after supper at 6 PM California time and that’s like my bedtime where I live, but my mom was going to let me watch for a bit anyway because it was really important for me to see 2000 EM26 with my own eyes on the internet. Except instead 2000 EM26 disappeared.

Now the astronomers are saying that probably 2000 EM26 is way more farther away than they were thinking and it’s not really disappeared. It’s still coming and hard to see because it’s not where they think it is. I guess that means it’s like waiting for your mom to pick you up at school except you’re at the wrong door from where she is so you don’t see her at your school and she doesn’t see you but that doesn’t mean you’re not there and that she’s not there. You’re just not at the same ‘there’ spot as each other.

But here’s what I’m thinking. Just like I got my grandpa to name that other asteroid Blackie, maybe 2000 EM26 just stopped coming here because he wanted a real name, too. I know the astronomers always say they don’t have permissions to name asteroids even though they really want to, but I think if they really wanted to, they could name asteroids. It’s just hard work to always come up with new names for asteroids.

I know it’s hard work because sometimes the names of hurricanes are kind of weird and maybe not always so good. Like my brother, Aaron, said naming the last big storm Pax was weird because that’s a Latin word and it means peace, and big storms don’t bring peace! They bring lots of things, but peace isn’t one of those things storms bring.

Getting back to 2000 EM26, maybe Martians on the other side of Mars are playing a trick on everyone on Earth, and they figured out a way to make it be still coming but from another place instead (like the school example I just wrote about)? You never know. It could happen.

Or it could be like a joke, and the asteroid will show up with a sign on it that says, “I missed my sun.” Get it? It’s a play on words.   Son.  Sun.

But you know what would be the coolest explanation? The coolest would be if there was a rip in the fabric of time, like the old-fashioned black-and-white sci-fi movies say, and 2000 EM26 showed up in a parallel universe where there was already another 2000 EM26 except with a real name. That would be way cool. I think I’m going to ask my brother, Josh, if we can write a story together about that and he can do all the drawings. I would get to write the words. Then we could sell the book on the internet and makes lots of money.

One response to “Where Did It Go?

  1. I’m thinking the asteroid might indeed have gone into a parallel universe. I do believe parallel universes exist because I think sometimes that is where some of the ideas for my books come from.

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