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It’s All So Romantic-y

on February 12, 2014

I’m not old enough to have a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a lot of things about Valentine’s Day.  Things like it’s on Friday (that’s just two more days away, people), and things like chocolate is a good thing to give someone for Valentine’s Day.

When I say chocolate is a good thing to give someone on Valentine’s Day, I don’t mean that you saved up all the chocolate that got put on sale at the store after Christmas, and I don’t mean that you saved up all the left-over chocolate from Hallowe’en.  I mean Valentine chocolate just for Valentine’s chocolate.

That doesn’t meant you have to go the store and buy a great big huge box of chocolate just because it’s Valentine’s.  I think it would be way more romantic-y if you just made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles on top and then gave them to the most special people you love.  That’s real Valentine’s chocolate because the hearts and loving are baked right inside the cupcakes.  It’s not flat hearts and flat loving that got all squashed with plastic wrap and yucky stuff like that.

If you don’t have a good recipe for making homemade chocolate cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, you should let me know.  My mom has a special cookbook where she wrote down all of her best recipes and I know she has a recipe in there for making excellent chocolate cake.  Except you don’t have to make a cake.  You can make cupcakes out of them with the same exact recipe.  Isn’t that romantic?  I think it is!

So let me know if you need that recipe, and I’ll get my mom to let me put it on my blog so you don’t have a sad Valentine’s Day on Friday.  It’s important to make every day a romantic-y day, but mostly on special days like birthdays and Christmas and the 4th of July and Valentine’s Day.

It would be great for people to let me know what they’re going to do to make Valentine’s Day a super duper trooper Valentine’s Day.  Hey, you never know … maybe lots of people will have the same ideas as you, or maybe they won’t.  Anyway, it would be fun to find out what other people call romantic-y, so I hope people leave messages about it for me and my friends to read on my blog.

One response to “It’s All So Romantic-y

  1. mutanatia says:

    Hi Missy! To me, the most “romantic-y” thing is to enjoy your date, boyfriend/girlfriend, or spouse’s company and accept each other for who they are!

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