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Not My Week

on February 5, 2014

I was going to write about how I found out that this month is Responsible Pet Owners Month, but I got kind of sick on Monday night and I couldn’t find out what I wanted to write about. I was really sick.  I was awake in the middle of the night and lying on the couch covered up with the “I’m sick” blanket my grandma made for us. This just isn’t my week, I guess (or maybe it is if you’re the germ making people sick).

Anyway, my mom said I probably caught a bug somewhere but I didn’t.  It’s wintertime and all the bugs go away when it gets cold.  So I think I just got sick because I probably talked to someone at my school last week that was already sick.  That’s a really big possibility because lots of people at my school are missing school.  Hey, even I missed school this week because I was sick.  See what I mean?

So I’ve been not doing too much except lots of sleeping where my mom can keep a eye on me.  She’s got her office on the main floor under the stairs, so I get to sleep on the couch in the day time, too.  I’m feeling not too bad now and I bugged my mom about letting me go to school today but she said I needed one more day of staying home time.  But even staying home one more day, I’m not doing crazy things like running and jumping.  I’m mostly just drawing pictures and reading books and stuff like that.

And worrying.

I’m worried because my brother, Josh, has Myasthenia Gravis and that means that sometimes he can get really sick really fast.  Sometimes, if he gets way too sick, he has to go to the hospital and even sometimes, he has to go in a helicopter ambulance all the way to the big city hospital.  I don’t want him to get sick because I got sick, so I’m asking God to not let that happen.

When Josh comes home from school today, I’m going to ask him if he feels okay.  I hope he says,”Yes.”  Plus I hope he looks at me like that’s crazy talk to ask him that question because then for sure I’m going to know he’s okay.  If he gets a little mad at me for asking, that means he’s not sick at all.  If he was sick, he wouldn’t get bugged by me for asking if he was sick.  He would only get bugged by me for asking if he was not sick.

I hope nobody else gets sick like I got sick.  It made me lose three whole days of doing important things.  Maybe I can catch up fast if I do a extra half day of work every single day for a week and then I’ll even be a half day ahead of myself.  That would be good to be a half day ahead of myself just in case I get some left-over sick.

So everybody remember to not get sick, and to eat chicken soup if you start to feel yukky.


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