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Snow Days My Way

on January 29, 2014

This week, we already had two snow days and it’s only Wednesday! Anyway, my mom wouldn’t let me go out on Monday because she said it was way too cold, but yesterday I got to go out for a while in the backyard.  That’s because I wanted to make snow animals, so she let me go outside to make some.  She even helped, but not with the cold part of the making.  And so did Josh for the after part.

Want to know what I made?  I made a snow bunny and a snow penguin and a snow snake.

The snow bunny was the most hardest one to make but not so hard really.  Instead of three big snow balls, like you need for a snowman, I just made two big snow balls and put the smaller snow ball on the bigger snowball.  Then you make two kind of long snow balls that are skinny like rectangles.  To make it easier to make them stay on the top of the small snowball, you have to make two holes and pop then down in the holes so they don’t just fall off the bunny head.  Then you put snow around the holes to make them stay put.

Making a snow penguin is like making one great big bunny ear except it’s bigger than the bunny.  You just roll the snowball around on its side until you make a really big one and then you just make it go up on one of the ends.  Then you have to make arms for the snow penguin and that’s not so hard because you just pat snow on the penguin’s side where his arms are supposed to be.  Just guess kind of where you think they should go but not too high because penguins do not have arms coming out of their heads!

And the snow snake is the most easy of all because you don’t have to do any rolling.  Remember all the snow you got from making the snow bunny and the snow penguin?  That means you got a clear place with hardly any snow so that’s where you can make your snow snake.  Just bring snow to that spot and make the shape of a twisty turny snake.  When you have a long enough snake, make a little snowball and make that his head.  Just put it one on end of the snow snake and make the connection smooth so it looks like a head.

When I got everything done, my mom came outside and said the snow bunny and the snow penguin needed big eyes, and the snow snake needed little eyes.   She told me get some small twigs from under one of the trees and give them to her.  Then she pulled out a ball of black string and she wrapped only one end of all the twigs until she had four big eyes and two small eyes.  Then she told me to put the big eyes on the snow bunny and snow penguin, and the little eyes on the snow snake.  You know what happened?  They looked more real after that!

Then she told me to get another twig for the bunny, and she made a little nose with some pink string she had.  That made the snow bunny look almost real.

Josh came out to see my snow bunny and snow penguin and snow snake, and he said that he knew how to make the snow penguin look even more real plus the snow snake.  He had the inside part from a roll of toilet paper that he cut to look like a penguin beak, and before he came out with it, he painted it the color of a penguin beak, too.  Then he just kind of shoved it hard on the snow penguin’s face and he was right — the snow penguin looked better.

Then he helped make the snow snake’s head look more like a snake’s head, but that’s not the best part.  He took the chain from the swing set and started pushing it on the snake’s body so it would bet chain marks.  And he did it for the whole entire snake so it looked like it had a real snake pattern on it.  It was so good I wanted to make a snow alligator but my mom wouldn’t let me.  She said it was time to go in the house before we got too cold.

If we get another snow day, I’m going to add to my snow zoo collection.  I’ll probably making other snow animals.  And I hope they don’t melt until springtime.  That would be very good.

2 responses to “Snow Days My Way

  1. mutanatia says:

    Hi Missy! Do you make a tail for the bunny?

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