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Reporting On Crazy Days

on January 15, 2014

My mom has all these awareness dates up on her calendar all the time, and they’re all making people know better what being sick can look like for someone else. I got it in my head to ask my mom if there were awareness dates for sick animals because my brother, Josh said that sometimes dogs can have MG (that’s what my brother has and sometimes it makes him really, really sick) just like people.

So I asked my mom and she went clickety-click fast typing on her laptop and you know what she found? She found the American Veterinary Medical Association website and you know what she found there? She found a page about pet health. And you know what she found out about January? She found out that January 20 is National Penguin Awareness Day!

I wish somebody told me about that when I was very little and had a made up world with lots of made up animal friends in it including Floaty Penguin. Probably you don’t know about Floaty Penguin but he used to be the minion of the very evil Sneaky Itch but Josh and me, we brought him to justice and he mended up his ways and turned good. It’s a long story and Floaty Penguin wasn’t really bad. He was just what my mom calls misguided.

Anyway, I asked Josh to take me to the library so I could find out where penguins live besides the South Pole, and you know what I found out? They got penguins in Africa.  I know that sounds like crazy talk but that’s what the encyclopedia at the library said. And it said that they live in Australia and in New Zealand and that was kind of weird. But mostly it got pretty mixed up when the encyclopedia said that you can find penguins in Chile and Peru, but when I think about Chile and Peru, I think about Africa and I always see on television that penguins are where there’s lots of ice and snow.

Except I guess not all the time because I saw penguins at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago when we were there on a trip one time and they didn’t look like they didn’t want to be there because they were swimming in the water and walking around the water and having lots of fun, so maybe that’s what they do in Chile and Peru and Africa. Maybe they just go in the water to cool down and then go sun tanning when they’re not in the water cooling down.

So that’s the story of National Penguin Awareness Day and that’s next Monday. And you know what day it is the day after that besides being Tuesday? It’s National Squirrel Awareness Day. I’m not making that up. It’s true. First it’s all about penguins and the next day, it’s all about squirrels. Kinda weird, huh?


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