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Scientific Surprises

on January 8, 2014

Sometimes grown-ups do crazy things. I’ve been watching the stories on television about this one ship from Russia and it was to the South Pole on a expedition. They wanted to prove that the global warming is melting all the ice. That is not good news if you’re a penguin because you’re supposed to love living where the ice is.

Anyway, the boat got stuck in the ice on Christmas Day and it couldn’t move anywhere because it got itself stuck so badly that they couldn’t even push it out if it was a street instead of a ocean. So the captain sent a message to let people know they got stuck, and even though the boat was from Russia, people in China sent a boat to help them.

Except, guess what happened to THAT boat? It got stuck in the ice and so that made for two boats that got in trouble on their way to the South Pole. But there was this other boat from Australia and it didn’t get stuck in the ice because it stayed in the water part of the ocean, but that did not help the two boats that were stuck in the ice.

So now guess what’s going on? A American boat is going to the South Pole to get the Chinese boat out that went there to get the Russian boat out, and the Australian boat is going to help if they can but not by getting stuck in ice like the other two boats got stuck. I think that’s a really good idea to not get stuck like the other boats did. Some people maybe are saying that the captain of the Australian boat should get closer to the stuck boats but I think he’s being smart by not getting stuck because if he got stuck, there would be three stuck boats close to the South Pole.

I hope no more boats get stuck in the ice down there. But you know what I think is happening? I think a lot of penguins are watching what’s going on and laughing a lot that people don’t know that ice gets hard and gets boats stuck. That’s what penguins are doing!


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