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Missy’s Moving

on January 3, 2014

Today is Friday and on Friday, I usually get my mom or my brother, Aaron to put my blog story online.  But I have a announcement for everybody.  Friday is a too busy day for my mom and a too busy day for my brother and sometimes they get kind of cranky when I keep bugging them to get my blog story on my blog.   So I decided that maybe I should pick a different day for my blog story to get put on my blog.

Guess what day I picked?


Probably you’re saying, “Hey, how come you picked Wednesday?”

Here’s why.  It’s a not so busy day as a Friday.  Friday is when all the grown-ups are hurrying up to get everything finished that didn’t get finished on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday.  Plus, they have to get things figured out for the weekend because that’s when all the good things happen.  I don’t know why the good things only happen on  Friday nights and Saturdays and Sundays for grown-ups, but that’s what they say!

If you’re a kid, good things happen all the time and it doesn’t matter what day it is.  It just happens.  I guess kid things aren’t as complicated as grown-up things and maybe they don’t need so much time to happen because they kind of just happen when they happen, and not all the time on weekend times.

So to make things way more easier for my mom and my brother, Aaron, this blog is officially moving from Fridays to Wednesdays!  And maybe more grown-ups will have time to come visit my blog and read what I write because now my mom and Aaron are going to have time to get my blog stories on my blog on time all the time and not just hit and miss, and using that sneaky back-dating thing they think I don’t know about (except I do because I sometimes watch them when they put my blog stories online).

Make sure you put this news in your daytimers and desk calendars so you never miss another blog story by me:  Missy Barrett!

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