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Singing Christmas Songs

on December 13, 2013

So probably you guys are singing a lot of Christmas songs, too, because they’re on the radio all the time and even in every store you go shopping at, especially at the mall.  I try to sing all the songs I know and sometimes I even try to sing songs I only know most of the words to because singing most of the words is way better than singing zero words and only humming really loud.  And you know, sometimes I sing words that I think are supposed to be there except sometimes my brothers, Aaron and Josh, they give me problems about singing the wrong words … except I don’t think they know the right words either so they shouldn’t bug me so much , especially when they’re not singing anyway.

They weren’t very nice to me last night when I was singing songs.  My mom put up the Christmas tree and decorated it so nice and on the other side of the livingroom, we have a fireplace and she made a fire in the fireplace so it looked roasty toasty beautiful when the lights were off except for the Christmas tree lights.  And she had the music on the radio playing and they were playing all Christmas songs, so I was singing with the radio singers.  There was this one song they did called “Walking In A Winter Wonderland” and I liked it a really lot.  It was hard remembering all the words and then Aaron and Josh started laughing at me.  I don’t think it was nice of them to be laughing at me.  And you know why they laughed at me?  Because Aaron said I got the words wrong when I was singing:

Later on, we’ll perspire,
As we dance by the fire
To face unafraid,
The plans that we’ve made,
Walking in a winter wonderland.

He said that didn’t make any sense and I said it did because if you’re dancing and it’s wintertime and there’s a fireplace with a fire, you’re going to get really hot on your skin, and you’re going to perspire.  Aaron said that they were going to conspire and I said, “no!” because they were not planning on doing something bad.  It’s Christmas!  Nobody does bad things at Christmas, so nobody in the song is conspiring.  That’s just plain old silly to say that.

Then he said that they were dreaming by the fire, not dancing, and that was silly because nobody ever got perspiry from dreaming.  But he kept telling me that I got the words wrong except that I think I got them right because my words make way more sense than his words, so I’m just going to keep on singing the song the way it’s supposed to be instead of Aaron’s way.  I think that would be way more better.

Besides, I think I’m going to ask Roy what the right words are because he always sings along with the radio when it’s on at his store, so he probably knows all the words to all the songs in the whole wide world.


One response to “Singing Christmas Songs

  1. Kat says:

    The words are “conspire” not perspire… Later on we’ll conspire..as we dream by the fire..

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