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Sparkly Stuff

on December 6, 2013

Today, my mom and me, we’re going to make special Christmas decorations for our house this weekend.  Want to know how I know we’re doing that?  Because I saw all the sparkly stuff she bought at the Christmas store.  There’s this kind of see-through sparkly green ribbon that’s as wide as my hand and some see-through sparkly red ribbon that’s that big, too, and she also got this roll of scratchy see-through stuff that’s as tall as my legs and it’s sparkly like super shiny gold if gold was see-through and scratchy.

And she got a wreath that we have to fluff up so it looks real because right now it looks like a elephant sat on it at lunchtime.  Oh, and we got a long wreath.  I don’t know exactly what it’s called  but it looks like a wreath except it’s really long like a snake.  I guess it’s a superly long flat rectangle wreath, and we have to fluff that up, too, so it looks like it just fell off a tree and on the place over the fireplace where my mom usually has her collection of things.

There’s pretend red and yellow berries on branches and Christmas balls and pretend snow to spray on when all the other work on the wreaths gets done.  But the most fun part of making the wreaths is going to be  tomorrow when we go in the forest with bags and we pick up twigs and branches and pine cones!  Then we’re going to come back home with all that and make them into piles on our kitchen table.

Know what else we’ve got stashed away?  We’ve got purply-blue juniper berries my mom made us pick off the juniper bushes way before Hallowe’en.  After we picked them, she got me and Josh and Aaron to string them like popcorns for a Christmas tree, except that they’re juniper berries, and not popcorns.  So I’m really excited for this weekend to happen because we’re making festive moments.  That’s what they call them on television commercials: festive moments.  Except that our festive moments aren’t going to be in a television commercial.

Maybe if you make festive moments at your house, you can tell me about it in the comments part of my blog and then maybe you can put a picture there, too, so I can see how beautiful your festive moment is.  I’ll have to ask my  mom if I can put up a picture of our festive moment.


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