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Black Friday Is Dangerous

on November 29, 2013

So today is Black Friday and I don’t know why they call it that because there’s snow so they should call it White Friday. My mom says that lots of people go shopping on Black Friday but she doesn’t go shopping on Black Friday because it’s too dangerous. That’s what she says. Shopping is dangerous.

I think she’s right. I don’t like shopping too much except for if I’m going to shop with my mom at the grocery store or if we go to the store for new boots or new shoes or new clothes or something like that. Sometimes I like going to the handyman store with my moms friend, Roy and my brother, Aaron but not too much. Just sometimes and if we go I like for us to walk in the aisle with all the pretty light fixtures in it so I can pretend I’m a princess walking in her castle. That’s fun except I don’t think Roy or Aaron like doing that too much and they always want me to hurry up walking but only in that part of the handyman store.

I think someone needs to tell the people that go shopping on Black Friday that they don’t have to do all their shopping in one day. Sometimes my mom goes shopping on a Monday and sometimes on a Thursday and sometimes even on a Sunday. That’s because stores are always open except not open on Christmas I don’t think and probably not open on New Year’s Day either because everybody stays up past midnight on New Year’s so they can throw confetti up in the air and hug each other and eat left-over food from Christmas that’s still in the fridge.

Know what we did instead? We went over to my one grandma and grandpa’s house and we made snow dogs and snow kitties and then we got to help grandma make chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles. I like making snickerdoodles but mostly because the name is fun to say, not because I like eating them. I like eating chocolate chip cookies way more but snickerdoodles are still good cookies and you should try them if you want something different. Except they’re not a lot different … just a little different.

So now we got back home and my mom said she was going to put my thinking on my blog. It’s a good thing she didn’t say that right away when we came back home because then I wouldn’t have anything on my blog today. But she waited until she got done making dinner and we got done eating it and then she asked for it, and that’s why I’m telling you guys all of this on my blog.


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