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How To Make Holidays Special

on November 22, 2013

My mom makes turkey dinner on Thanksgiving but she doesn’t call it Thanksgiving. My one grandma and grandpa don’t call it Thanksgiving but my other grandma and grandpa do call it that, and so does my dad except he’s never at our house when turkey dinner day happens.

I don’t know how come sometimes people call it Thanksgiving and sometimes people call it turkey dinner day, but you know what I do know? I know that it’s a chance to do special things for dinner so that’s what I’m writing in my blog about today.
This means you can have all the things you need at your house next week when it’s turkey Thanksgiving dinner day.

You got to have cards with the names of everybody coming to your dinner so they know where to sit down. You can do that any day probably, but on special days it’s even more important. So this is how you make turkey cards.

First you get your mom or brother to get you recipe cards. Not the little ones because that’s going to be too small. You need the next bigger up ones or your turkey won’t work out. And then you ask your mom to borrow her ink pads out of her office. Two colors is a good start but I like three because it just more nicer.

Then make a fist and put the side of it in the darker ink pad, and stomp it on the recipe card except not right in the middle. Stomp it on the right side. Then get the other ink pad and poke, poke, poke your pointing finger in it and poke, poke, poke the recipe card behind the first ink pad mark a lot so it looks like feathers. You have to put your pointing finger in the ink pad a lot to get all the feathers. And then after all the feathers are poked on, put one standing up pointing finger poke at the beginning of the first ink pad mark because that’s the turkey’s head.

Then get markers and draw one eye on the side of the turkey face and a beak and the funny hanging down part under his chin, and after that, draw two legs. Make sure that when you put the name of the person that’s going to sit with the card that you spell it the right way. And then voila! You got perfect turkey cards for people coming to your house for dinner.

After dinner, turkey makes you not want to move too much so you can have a fun game right at the table and nobody will remember how much they think they can’t move. It’s a game I call “Floaty Boats.”

First, you have to have older brothers or a family friend that’s a boy because you’re going to need someone to eat all the walnuts on the inside of the walnut shells you break open in half. If you don’t have brothers or a family friend that’s a boy, your mom can just keep the insides for making brownies at Christmas.

You also have to have leaves from the trees outside and twigs and plasticine or Playdough or something like that. Oh, and a big bowl of water. This is what you do.

You take one leaf and one twig and you poke the twig in the leaf in two places. Then you get a walnut half shell and put a big ball of plasticine or Playdough or something like that in the bottom of it. Then you stick the twig in that, and you put the whole thing in the bowl with water. Guess what you do after that?

You have walnut boat races!

Everybody gets to pretend to be wind and they blow on the leaves to make the boats race in the bowl of water. If a boat falls down, it doesn’t win the race. Only the last boat floating in the bowl is the winner. That’s why I call it “Floaty Boats.”

So that’s it for me. I hope you have lots of fun at your turkey Thanksgiving dinner day, and I hope everybody likes the turkey cards you’re going to make.


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