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Fixing Bad Days

on November 15, 2013

Sometimes you have very good days at school and sometimes you have not such very good days at school.  That’s true for me and I know it’s true for my brothers,  Josh and Aaron.  I’m not sure if it’s true for my mom about work but I think maybe it is because some days when she shuts down the computer in her office, she has a smile and sometimes she’s kind of grumpy.

But just because you have a bad day, you don’t have to keep on having a bad day.  You can do something to make yourself feel better and it’s not so hard to do.  And you know what?  The way to make your problems go away isn’t so hard as you think.  Here’s the one thing you should do when you have a bad day:  drink chocolate milk!

Grown-ups are always saying that chocolate fixes everything, but they don’t mean it can stop your roof from leaking or it can take Trojans out of your computer.  They mean it fixes inside feelings.

I think it probably works except I didn’t have chocolate for a really long time … not since my birthday and that was at the end of summertime.  And most of the time, I don’t have not such very good days at school because I like school and I like my teacher and I like everything I’m learning right now because it’s not so hard yet.  I think it’s going to get harder just before Christmastime because nobody’s going to make trouble with Santa putting last-minute notes on his naughty and nice lists, but they’re sure going to make for some not such good days at school I think.   When things get harder at school, I want to be prepared for it happening.

The only problem is that moms are always saying, “Drink your milk.  It’s good for you” and they only give you vanilla milk.  I do not like vanilla milk.  It tastes weird to me so drinking milk is not a good part of dinner for me.  But maybe if I tell my mom that I had a really bad day at school and I need chocolate, she’ll let me put chocolate syrup in my milk and then I can really like my dinner milk.

Chocolate milk won’t make my problems go away, but it can’t hurt to try to make them go away with chocolate milk.  I’ll let you know how that all works out for me when I try it.

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