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on October 25, 2013

Remember last week when I made Missyglyphics using my mom’s cookie sheet and cookie cutters and Roy’s cement in a pail? Well, everybody in my house got in trouble for that except Josh. It was not such a nice Friday night as we usually have because when my mom got home, she didn’t like finding the cookie cutters or the little garden shovel in the dish  washing machine.

Anyway, Roy got in trouble because he told my mom that the top on the pail was impossible to get off but that wasn’t exactly right because I got the top off and I’m just 8 years old. So that’s why Roy got in trouble.

And Aaron got in trouble because he’s the grown-up of the house when mom’s at a meeting, and she said he didn’t do his job because I made Missglyphics with the cement Roy got in trouble for having downstairs. So that’s why Aaron got in trouble.

And I got in trouble because I used mom’s cookie sheet and cookie cutters and the little garden shovel, and the cement got all hard on the cutters and the shovel and that wrecked them. But I got points for putting the funny white paper on the bottom of the Missglyphics so that was good at least. The not so good thing is that my mom said no allowance for me for two whole weeks to pay for the supplies I used and that’s just a business way of saying that I wrecked her cookie cutters and she has to replace them before Hallowe’en next week.

Josh didn’t get in trouble because he was playing video games at Mike’s house, so he didn’t know what was going on at our house. He’s lucky. If he was here, he would probably get in trouble with all of us.

Except Roy wasn’t at our house and he got in trouble, so maybe Josh is in trouble but nobody knows about it yet. I have to ask my mom about that so I know for sure but I think Josh is not in trouble.

Another thing that’s good is that the Missyglyphics are hard like rock and mom says I can paint them except I’m going to ask her to help me so if anybody gets in any more trouble because of the Missyglyphics, it’s going to be my mom’s fault. I wonder what kind of consequence she’s going to give herself if there’s trouble.

I guess I’ll find out on Saturday or Sunday, and I’ll let you guys know next week.


2 responses to “Troublemakers

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Missy, you have a very patient mother.

  2. […] plus, I remembered the lesson I learned that time when I made Missyglyphics and got in trouble for not cleaning things up so they didn’t get wrecked.  I cleaned the […]

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