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Modern Day Hieroglyphics

on October 18, 2013

At school, we’re learning all about ancient civilizations and this week, it was all about Egypt. I liked learning about the olden days in Egypt but mostly I liked learning about the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Hieroglypics is writing with pictures instead of letters like we do now. But back then, not too many people had alphabets with 26 letters in them, so they used pictures. Hieroglyphs are pictures that ancient Egyptians used to use to write the ancient Egyptian language. Pictures instead of letters! Imagine that.

Anyway, there’s all kinds of pictures in Egyptian hieroglyphics like birds and snakes and daggers and bees and bunny rabbits and horses and eyeballs with lots of weird make-up on them and Indian tipis. Except that Indian tipis are supposed to represent bread but unless it’s like frybread that’s folded up to look like that, I don’t get it. I guess I’m always going to have trouble reading Egyptian stuff on pyramids.

Well, it’s Friday and time to write in my blog again. Mom said that my brother, Aaron, can be in charge of uploading this week’s blog writing because she’s at a big meeting for her work.

When I got home from school, I was thinking it would be lots of fun to do modern-day hieroglyphics and maybe in the long away future, archeologists are going to find my house and say, “Hey, we found Missy-glyphics” because that’s what they would be called. They would be Missy-glyphics because I’m Missy and they’re hieroglyphics but not Egyptian ones. And they would want to figure out the Missy-glyphics just like the old-time archeologists way more than a hundred years ago wanted to figure out ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.  So I made some Missy-glyphics all by myself and they look excellent!

Probably you’re wondering how I made them, so I’m going to tell you.

My mom’s friend, Roy, brought over a great big pail of already mixed up concrete yesterday and he put it in our basement. Aaron’s going to do some repairs tomorrow and Roy is going to show him how to do that with concrete. But I know how many repairs have to get done, and it’s not so much. Not really. And it’s a really big pail of already mixed up concrete, so I got a monster great idea in my head.

I ran upstairs and got one of my mom’s cookie sheets and then I did what she does when she’s making cookies. I put some of the funny white paper on the bottom of it just like she does. Then I found the cookie cutters for making Hallowe’en cookies and Christmas cookies, and put them in a bag to make for easy carrying. Then I took all of those things downstairs to where the already mixed up concrete in the pail is.

The lid was hard to get off the pail but I did it. Sometimes you have to work really hard at things that are going to be important in the far away future. And then, I just used the very little gardening shovel my mom uses to put plants in the garden in the springtime, and put already mixed concrete on the cookie sheet until it was full up to the top. It wasn’t so much hard work to make it nice and flat like a piece of paper to draw on. That was the easy part of the Missy-glyphics.

Then I had to figure out what I wanted to say on the Missy-glyphics. I did just like the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphickers did, and made sure it was a short story that people can figure out if they try to figure it out.  And then I just made the cookie cutters do their job and write the Missy-glyphics story.

Now it’s in the basement getting dry so I can paint it later on.

I tried really hard to clean the cookie cutters and the little gardening shovel for mommy, but I had some trouble. That’s okay. I put everything in the brand new dishwasher under the counter that my grandpa put in for my mom this summer when I was visiting my Aunt Sissy and my Uncle Bob and my cousins. She says it’s very powerful and the water gets disinfecting hot, so with soap, I’ll bet they’re going to be coming out looking like she just bought them.

I’ll let you know more about the Missy-glyphics next week. Maybe I can even get Aaron to take a picture of the Missy-glyphics to put up on my blog with the update.

I’ll bet you can hardly wait to see how beautiful they’re going to look.


One response to “Modern Day Hieroglyphics

  1. cairennhouse says:

    Oh my goodness, Missy. That’s all I can say. I am sure your mother will tell you everything I’m thinking right now.

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