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All You Need Is Love Is All You Need

on September 20, 2013

Sometimes I hear a song and I love it so much that I just want to hear it all the time. But sometimes people get mixed up between liking and loving. If I like something, I want it sometimes because it’s like going to visit someone you don’t see all the time. But if I love something, I want it all the time because it’s like visiting both my grandmas and both my grandpas.

Probably you think that’s funny to say that something I love is like both my grandmas and both my grandpas. I say it like that because I love all of them and there’s more than one of them. That’s how much I sometimes love songs.

Now everybody knows that I love Artie Q’s “Good Morning” song and that’s because, well, it’s my kind of song.

But last week, when I was walking past my brother Aaron’s bedroom door, I heard another most beautifullest song. It was so beautiful it just made my heart fill up with love and dance around inside of me. So I knocked on the door (because that’s what I’m supposed to do if I want to go into my brothers’ bedrooms) and I don’t think Aaron was mad at me when I opened the door right away because he always says, “Come in” so I just did the “come in” part on my own.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“What’s what?” he asked back.

“The song with the fairy princesses singing. What’s that?” I said.

“It’s something I downloaded,” he said back.

“You didn’t just download it with no permissions, right? You know how mom gets really mad if people do that and then she makes them undownload it.”

“I paid for it.”

“It’s so pretty.”

“I guess so. I actually got it because I thought you’d like it.”

“Like it?” I said so happy that Aaron did this for me. “I love it! It’s the most beautifullest song I heard in forever.”

Aaron laughed and said, “I thought ‘Good Morning‘ was the most beautifullest song.”

“It is the most beautifullest.”

“Missy, how can they both be the most beautifullest?”

“We’ve got two grandmas and two granpdas. Aren’t they all the best?”

“You got me there,” Aaron agreed with me. “So I guess you can say two songs are the most beautifullest.”



“Can you play it a lot of times in a row so I can dance?”

Aaron smiled a little funny at me and then pushed some buttons on his iPod sitting in the iPod castle on his desk, and turned the speakers up a little bit so I could hear everything in the song. And then I danced. A lot.



2 responses to “All You Need Is Love Is All You Need

  1. ArtieQ says:

    Well, interesting thing here, Missy, I completely agree with your statement “It was so beautiful it just made my heart fill up with love and dance around inside of me.” That is exactly my feeling. Sometimes, I’ll hear a song that is so sublime (beautiful), and it gives me such a thrill that it makes me feel like my heart is missing a beat. I feel so happy, so filled with joy, I could almost burst … and shout, and cry and laugh and whoop & holler; all at the same time, I might add. 🙂 And I feel this no matter how many times I play it. For me, no matter how old I get, there is nothing more energizing than the sublime nature of a truly thrilling pop song. I aspire to this level of songwriting and I have to admit to you that my rule of thumb when releasing a track with my name on it: if it doesn’t make me cry or shed a tear of emotion upon listening at some point, I won’t put it out there. And you do make a great point re: the most beautifullest—Course you can have more than one! Hugs, RTQ

  2. […] has to be there because the lady author Jayne Hyatt talks about “Good Morning” being one of the two most beautifullest songs in the whole world and she says that that’s what I said about Artie Q’s song.  She’s right.  I […]

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