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How Do You Like That

on September 13, 2013

I know I was supposed to write a blog entry last week for the people that left nice words for me on my birthday, but something else happened instead and my mom wouldn’t let me go on the Internet  She wouldn’t even let me get on the laptop computer she lets me work on sometimes.

Anyway, the week after my birthday, I got to go back to school because that’s when school starts where I am (not like where my cousins are and they had to go back 2 weeks before I did).  I really liked going back to my old school because going back to a old place is most of the time better than having to go to a new place you don’t know at all.  I went in my new classroom (because you cannot go back to your old classroom,  just go back to your old school) and I was really happy when I found out Mrs. Beadow is my teacher this year.

I liked school on Tuesday and I liked school on Wednesday, except I was a little sniffly.  And then on Thursday, I was a lot more sniffly, and Friday I was so sick my mom didn’t even let me go to school.  I was so sick I didn’t even want to read my most favorite books, and I didn’t want to see any cartoons on television.   But I kept telling her that I had to write on my blog because I always write on my blog on Fridays, and you know what she told me?  She said, “Nobody’s going to yell at you for not writing on your blog this week.”

I know nobody will yell at me, but I made a promise and that was really important to me.  So, because I could not keep my promise, I thought this week I would tell you guys why I could not keep my promise.

To Heather E.  Johnson:  I think being 8 is going to be the best year I ever had mostly because I don’t like corners and the number 8 is all about circles.   Sometimes I like to draw the number 8 over and over and over again on pieces of paper because it feels kind of fun going around in circles like that but without all the dizzy stuff you get when you do it with your whole body.  You should try it sometime.

To Thomas D. Taylor:  I think you probably like mysteries and adventures, too, because that’s what I wish for people with birthdays.  If you have mysteries and adventures all the time, you never have to say, “Hey,  I’m bored.  There’s nothing to do.”  You know why you never have to say that?  Because you just never know when a mystery or a adventure is going to break out, so you’re going to be on the look out for them just in case they’re sneaking around where you live.

To Books in the Burbs:   I like your name a lot.  It makes me think you probably have lots of adventures.  I sneaked into my brother Josh’s bedroom and looked in his dictionary.  The front of it says it’s for kids in Grades 6 to 8 and it said a burb is where lots of houses are that are close to a city but not in the city.  Then I got a funny picture in my head of books living in  houses in burbs by where I live.  I think I’m going to have to draw  a picture of it and put it on my blog next week as long as I don’t get sick again.

And just so everybody knows, my mom is the approver of everything I write for my blog, so you know that everything I write is true, and there’s no crazy talk allowed.


One response to “How Do You Like That

  1. Missy, just about every day in my life is a mystery and an adventure, and on the days when there are no mysteries or adventures, I come and read your blog, because reading your blog is ALWAYS an adventure.

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