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Like Gingerbread She Said

on August 23, 2013

My mom just got to my Uncle Bob and Aunt Sissy’s house because it’s time for me to go back home.  It’s time to get back to school.  I’m pretty lucky I got to stay another week because all my cousins had to go back to school last week and I got to stay here with Aunt Sissy and do all kinds of neat things.

We got to do all kinds of girly-girl things.  One day, we got to paint the back porch together so the wood lasts longer.  I thought that was a really good idea and Aunt Sissy gave me a really big brush to paint the floor part of the porch.  She got to paint all the other parts like the upside down part of the floor part of the porch, and the big posts and the railings and the stairs.  But you know what else?  I said we should make the porch sparkly so at night-time when the moon is out or the back porch light is on that it would look like there’s stars on the porch and stars in the sky.  She thought it was a good idea so we went to the dollar store and bought a lot of silver glitter.  Then we mixed it in with the paint in my paint can, and I got to paint sparkly glitter paint on the back porch floor.

Anyway, when my mom got here, she laughed and said I was tanned brown like gingerbread.  Like gingerbread, she said.  I hope that doesn’t mean she’s going to take a bite out of me.  🙂

I’m a big mix-up of happy and sad.  I’m happy my mom is here and happy I’m going back home and happy that I’m going to see my brothers, Josh and Aaron.  But I’m sad, too, because I’m going to miss my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob and my cousins.  Well,  I’m going to miss two of my cousins a bit more than one of my cousins but that’s okay I think.

I can hardly wait to tell my mom that I did some good work for the Smoky Mountains and now I’m a junior park ranger.  There’s tons of great things I’m going to tell my mom the whole time we’re driving back home and that’s good because my mom says it’s going to be a lot of hours going back, just like it was a lot of hours getting here.  But that was so long ago for me that I don’t remember the trip being that long.  I just remember seeing lots of great things outside and taking pictures!


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