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More Trouble Than A Barrel Full Of Monkeys

on August 9, 2013

So everybody knows that last week I had a drawing of my mom that got put on my blog.  I think it was a pretty good drawing and even my Uncle Bob said it was good when he scanned it for me and put it on the USB Pokémon key my brother, Aaron, got for me before I came to visit my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob and all my cousins.  I even showed it to my cousin, Ethan when I emailed it to my brother because I needed some help figuring out how to get the picture to go off my USB Pokémon key to the email I was sending him.

Anyway, I don’t know how it happened but the drawing got me in more trouble than a barrel full of monkeys, and you know if monkeys are in a barrel, there’s going to be trouble.  First of all, it’s not very comfortable I don’t think and next of all, it would be hard to get the banana peels back out the hole in the barrel.  That would be a lot of trouble for the monkeys and that’s not crazy talk.  It would be!

But anyhow, my Aunt Sissy asked me if I wanted her to send the scan of the drawing Uncle Bob did of my drawing to my mom, and I told her it was okay, she didn’t have to.  Except she said that my mom would probably like to get a copy of the drawing.  I guess that makes sense so I let her send it to my mom and when she was sending it, she asked me what I was going to do with it and if I wanted to get it printed at the copy shop in town and maybe laminated so it wouldn’t get wrecked.

“It’s not going to get wrecked,” I told her.  “It’s already on the Internet blog place I have.”

Well, i don’t know what happened next except that Aunt Sissy got really excited and then phoned my mom and my mom get me on the phone and then I was in trouble.  Like I said, more trouble than a barrel full of monkeys.  And she wanted to know how come I had a Internet blog place and I said it was because it was where I write things for my friends so they can read stuff about me.  Then she got really upset and said, “You can’t have a blog because you’re not old enough.”

I said, “I know that.”

So she said, “Then why did you get one?”

“Because I need one,” I said back to her.

“You don’t need one,” she told me the way she says things to Josh and Aaron when they do wrong things.  “Besides, no adult in this family gave you permission to have a blog so you’ll have to give me the user name and password so I can delete it.”

“But mommy,” I said, “I do have a adult permission for the blog.”

“Oh really now,” she said in a mad voice.

“Yes.  Aaron’s a grown up ever since he got his last birthday, remember?  When he got to be 18 before the summer you said he was a adult now.”  And then my mom got really, really quiet and I was thinking maybe the phone got broken at my mom’s house because I couldn’t hear anything.  Not even the clock ticking in the hallway, right beside the phone that goes upstairs.

Anyway, my mom had to go off the phone real fast, and when she called back, she said everything was A-OK and I get to keep the Internet blog place except now Aaron is not the in-charge person of it.  My mom is.  She knows the secret words to get on the Internet blog place.  And the only thing that got changed is that now my mom gets the emails of the stuff I want to have on my Internet blog place instead of Aaron.

I just hope that Aaron isn’t in more trouble than a barrel full of monkeys.


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