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Don’t Buy Too Many

on August 2, 2013

Every summer, people put signs up that say “Yard Sale Today” or “Garage Sale” or “Multi-Family Sale This Weekend Only”  in really big letters.  Then they put the address under that but sometimes it’s not in big letters so you have to keep driving around until you see more signs about the sale.  My mom never stops at any of those sales and my Aunt Sissy doesn’t either.  I don’t know why but they just don’t stop at them.

But they’re funny signs for lots of reasons but mostly because they’re funny if you read them the way they are and don’t think about what they probably mean.  Every time we go past a sign that says “Yard Sale” or “Garage Sale” I like to ask if the driver needs a new yard or garage for their house.  And then I laugh.  A lot.  Because it’s kind of funny imagining somebody going to a yard sale, paying the people at the house some money, and then say, “I’ll be back later on today with a truck to pick up my yard” or “I’ll just back my truck up to your house and load up that garage I just got from you.”

The signs that make me laugh the most are the ones that say, “Multi-Family Sale.”  Can you imagine how surprised your mom would be if you showed up with a bunch of people you just bought at the multi-family sale?

Here’s a cartoon I made of my mom and what she would maybe say if I went to a yard sale and bought one.

Yard Sales by Missy Barrett_medium


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