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What A Mess!

on July 5, 2013

Everybody knows that the 4th of July is a great big celebration day, and when I say great big celebration day, I mean great big with barbecues and fireworks!  Last year for the 4th of July celebration, my whole family went to the local park and then special people who know all about fireworks fired off a bunch of fireworks when it was really late at night.

My mom always says that fireworks are dangerous and that’s why people where I live aren’t allowed to have fireworks at their houses.  That means they can’t fire off any fireworks at their house either.  They have to go to a park where special people get to fire off fireworks.  My mom likes to say this every time there’s a celebration that calls for fireworks, “Only authorized public fireworks displays conducted by licensed operators are legal.  But even those fireworks are dangerous.”

This year, I’m at my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob and my cousins for a lot of the summer.  That means I was in Sevierville for the 4th of July celebrations this year.  The special people who know all about fireworks have to buy their fireworks on the side of the road mostly, I think, because I saw a lot of big circus tents last week and there were lots of boxes of fireworks for sale in those tents.  I’m not sure why that would be, but that’s how they do it down here I guess.

Anyway, when it got late at night on the 4th of July and I thought we were going to go to the park and see all the fireworks blowing up in the nighttime sky, my Uncle Bob started taking stuff out of his garage and down to the end of his driveway.  Aunt Sissy made all of us kids stay on the front porch, and nobody got to help Uncle Bob.  Then Uncle Bob started firing off fireworks all by himself!  I’m going to have to tell my mom that Uncle Bob is a authorized public fireworks display licensed operator person..  She’s going to be so impressed when she finds out that I got to see fireworks and didn’t even have to go to a park to see them!

Some of them were really, really, really loud, and sometimes I got jumpy because they were too loud for me.  Sometimes they even sounded like watermelons exploding if they weren’t so big, but most of the time, they sounded like those huge cannons in war movies.  That’s how loud they were!

It was so pretty seeing the firework sparkles in the sky.  And then, lots of people started firing off fireworks where my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bob and cousins live.  I guess authorized public fireworks display licensed operator people live close to each other, and they live close to each other because they know all the safety rules about fireworks, so that keeps everybody safe no matter where they live.

Anyway, we got to watch fireworks for a really long time and then Aunt Sissy said we had to go to bed.  But the next day when I got up, guess what I saw when I looked outside? A great big mess all over the street!

When I asked Uncle Bob to look outside at the street, he didn’t sound too upset about the great big mess all over the street.  He just said, “It kinda looks like a demilitarized zone, hey, Missy?”

Demilitarized?  I didn’t see any soldiers last night.  They must’ve come after the fireworks and after Aunt Sissy made us all go to bed.  I wish she hadn’t sent us to bed.  I would’ve like to watch the soldiers coming down the street, making everything look demilitarized.

I’ll have to ask my mom if any soldiers were on our street making it look demilitarized.  I hope so because maybe that means they’ll come back next year for the 4th of July celebrations, and I could give them cookies to eat.

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