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Chores Made Easy

on June 7, 2013

So probably nobody in the whole wide world likes doing chores, so moms everywhere have to come up with fun ideas to fool their kids so they do chores around the house.  And you know what?  Sometimes it’s not so easy for a kid like me to know what chore is my chore to do.  Every week, it’s not the same chore so you know it’s easy to not know what to do when it’s like that.

Nobody at my school figures out what chores they have to do like we do at my house.  At my house, we have lots of fun figuring out what chores belong to what people, and that’s because my mom makes it fun to figure out.  A long time ago (even before I got born), my grandpa gave my mom little pieces of wood as big as a hacky sack.  Know what my mom did with the little pieces of wood?  I’m going to tell you.

On one of them, she put the names of people in the house on it.  So one side said Mom and the other side said Dad (because he wasn’t working far away like he does now).  One other side said Josh and one other side said Aaron (because my brothers were the only kids before I got born).  Then one side said Josh + 1 and the last side said Aaron + 1.  The + 1 was mom or dad, and  Josh and Aaron got to pick which one it was that was going to help with that chore.

When my dad went far away for working, my mom got a different piece of wood and her name was still on one side, and then there was a side for my name and Josh’s name and Aaron’s name.  The other two sides say Aaron +1 and Mom +1.  That means that Mom and Aaron get to pick Josh or me to help them with a chore.

Anyway, on two other pieces of wood, my mom put pictures of chores.  The one piece of wood has inside chores and the other piece of wood has outdoor chores.  But you know, sometimes she uses the winter wood and sometimes she uses the summer wood and sometimes she uses the springtime wood and sometimes she uses the Hallowe’en wood.  Probably that’s not the right names, but that’s the names I have for them.

The indoor wood is the one that has a picture of a vacuum cleaner and a dust rag and a laundry basket and stuff like that.  The outdoor wood is the one that has outside-in-the-yard chores that work.  That’s why there’s four different ones because you couldn’t shovel snow if it was the middle of summer.  That would be silly, plus it would be impossible.

My grandma says it’s like the Dice Game on The Price Is Right but I don’t know if it is.  I never watch that on television but I guess grandma does or else she wouldn’t know about it.

I like finding out what my chores are this way because it’s fun.  I still don’t like doing chores, but at least we have a fun game to find out what I’m going to not like doing on chore day.  I’m thinking it would be a good idea for other moms to make the chore game for their own house.

Nobody likes doing chores but even if you don’t like them, at least you can make getting stuck with them lots of fun, right?  And I like fun.  I like it a lot.  And I’m thinking that probably lots of people like fun way more than chores, so it’s good to make boring old chores lots of fun.

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