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Working For The Man

on May 24, 2013

I think I got a job.  Not for right away, but for when I’m a grown up.

Remember the email from ArtieQ? He said that maybe I could be a Chief Of Staff of his work and him when I grow up and get done with school. I think he means done with college, not just the kind of school I go to now. Except maybe he means the kind of school I go to now. I’m going to ask Aaron to ask ArtieQ so I don’t make a mistake.

He said that he needs a Chief of Staff. Aaron said ArtieQ said maybe I could be a Chief of Staff at ArtieQ headquarters but I think ArtieQ will say yes when I go for a interview.

Know what ArtieQ wanted me to answer? He wanted me to answer if being a Chief of Staff means I get to boss people around. Maybe they don’t have Chiefs of Staff where he is because I never saw on television where the president says, “The Chief of Staff is very mean. He thinks he’s the boss of me.” No, I never saw that on television at all.

My mom says that a Chief of Staff is a helper of the President.  When I get to be the Chief of Staff of my mom, it means I get to be her helper. So a Chief of Staff is supposed to help by doing all the things that maybe will mix up the President. You know, like answering too many phone calls where people keep asking questions that even I know the answer of just like that. And a Chief of Staff makes sure that the stamps go on the envelopes straight and that the envelopes are closed right. Oh, and the Chief of Staff counts the money and puts all the money in the right wrappers so they can get put in the bank with no fuss no muss.

I think maybe a Chief of Staff is like a walking, talking calendar because you have to make sure the President doesn’t forget to do things like make lunch and phone people back in the afternoon and pay your Chief of Staff when it’s time to make supper.

I have to ask Aaron to write another email so I can ask ArtieQ if he wants me to be a Chief of Staff after I finish going to the school I go to now, or if he wants me to be one after I get to go to college.  I’m thinking maybe he means after college because I think that’s where people get to learn lots about ArtieQ and Cybill Shepherd and Germany and Austria and Mindmovie and probably LRW, too.  When I know all of that, then I think I would be a very perfect Chief of Staff for ArtieQ.

2 responses to “Working For The Man

  1. ArtieQ says:

    If Missy really was to show up on my doorstep in years to come, I’m pretty sure she would be “the” candidate for the job. RTQ 🙂

  2. Elyse Bruce says:

    She certainly seems to feel she should get the job, and has done a pretty good job summarizing her current resume. 😀

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