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Rosie’s Raising Money!

on May 17, 2013

Hey, you know what?  Next week on Thursday, it’s World Turtle Day. You probably think I’m making it up, but I’m not. There really is a World Turtle Day. I know it because my brother, Josh, showed me on his computer. There’s a whole Facebook page that has a lot of LIKES on it and a whole classroom number of people were talking about it when Josh showed it to me.

I really like turtles, and they had a picture of lots of turtles having a party together and one was looking up at me. He looked like he was saying, “Hey, you’re not a turtle! How did you get here?” I know turtles can’t talk but you know, maybe they think things like that sometimes. It could happen. Maybe yes.

And then Josh scrolled down the page because I wanted to see if they had more turtle pictures and I saw a picture of sandwich turtles. They were so cute, I don’t think I would eat them. Not because they got made from real turtles (because they weren’t), but because the people that made them put funny googly eyes on the pickle part that looked like their head. The people of the page wrote that there’s a cookbook to show people how to make sandwich turtles and it was called “Turtlicious Vegetarian Recipes.” I don’t like food that’s just vegetables so I didn’t think we should get the book but then I read that if you buy the book, it helps a turtle called Rosie I think. Well, it was for the Rosie Fund and Rosie is a girl’s name and it was on the turtle page, so I’m thinking they’re trying to get money to help Rosie the Turtle do something important for all the other turtles. That would be good.

I asked Josh to help me ask mom to buy one of the cookbooks. He said he would but you know boys … sometimes they don’t have such good rememories and you have to give them the mad look to let them know they’re forgetting something very important. I will have a very mad look ready for Josh if he forgets to help me ask at suppertime.

And you know what else I saw on the page at Facebook? A turtle that got painted up to look like a Easter bunny rabbit. It was a little funny but not so much. I think that the people that painted the turtle didn’t think if it would make the turtle be sad or embarrassed. I asked Josh to write a message to the people and ask them to wash the turtle off and make him look like his old self again. That would be better for the turtle, and then he could go to the turtle party and no turtles will bug him about having so many colors.

Oh! and they have to take the Easter bunny rabbit ears off him, too. I don’t know how they got them on, but turtles don’t need big ears. They have hard shells and if something scary is coming their way, all they have to do is hide inside themselves. They don’t have to run away like a bunny rabbit, so they don’t need big ears.

I think I’m going to ask my mom if we can have a salad buffet outside for the turtles on Turtle Day. I think they would like that. I think they would like that a whole lot. Yes, they would.


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