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I Got Email!

on May 10, 2013

You probably not going to believe this! ArtieQ sent a email back to Aaron and he wrote lots. He even answered all my questions and didn’t think they were silly questions to ask. That’s one more reason I like ArtieQ and his music.

Aaron read the email to me and you know what I found out? Songs are like having a mystery and then solving it. That’s what makes a ArtieQ good song. He said that sometimes he’s just doing ArtieQ stuff and then he says, “Hey! I’m going to make a song out of that.” And then he does that. He makes a song out of the mystery. I like that a lot because that’s why I like mysteries so much. It’s why I have a clue hat and a magnifying glass. I used to call it a glass on a stick when I was little, but now I know that it’s really called a magnifying glass. And ArtieQ has a magnifying glass but it’s not a magnifying glass. It’s called his imagination.

Then he talked about my most favoritest ArtieQ song, “Good Morning.” The mystery started a really long time before the song got made and that’s because it was just that way it needed to get made. He said that sometimes back in the olden days, he stayed at the music place where he made music and sometimes it was too late to go back to his house, so he just would lie down and go to sleep right there. Except that there was a Mrs. Q and she would get very lonely for him so she would make nice surprises for him, like sometimes a message on a answering machine.

He said that Mrs. Q was the mystery maker because she made him a surprise message that was like the voice in the song. If Mrs. Q made a message like that for me on a answering maching, I think I would smile a lot. That’s what ArtieQ said he did. He said he smiled a lot when he heard the mystery Mrs. Q made for him.

I got very sad when Aaron read the part about ArtieQ getting sad, and not smiling for a long, long, long, long time. Know how long he didn’t smile for? He didn’t smile for a whole entire year! That’s a really long time for no smiling to be going on, don’t you think? And I think maybe Mrs. Q probably was not smiling, too, for a whole entire year. But I think this is not so bad because ArtieQ was fighting with dragons and lions and tigers and bears I think. He didn’t say that exactly. He called them ‘wretched creatures’ so I think that means dragons and lions and tigers and bears. Oh, and demons. I know what demons are.

Then Aaron read the part about ArtieQ finding the message again and it made him so happy, he cried. That means he was very happy and I know that because sometimes I get so happy, I cry. Sometimes I just cry and cry, and I don’t even know why because I’m not sad so I guess I’m crying because I’m too happy. So ArtieQ got too happy and cried and it made him write “Good Morning.”

And guess what else ArtieQ said? He said that after the song got made by him, he asked Mindmovie and another guitar player called LRW (that’s his name … just 3 letters … and I don’t even know how to say that) to play on the song that he did the singing on. And then, there it was … perfect!

Wait until you find out what he said about me being a Chief of Staff for him!


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