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Footprints On The Moon

on May 3, 2013

A very long time ago (when my mommy was a baby), astronauts went to the moon and walked around on it for a bit, and then they came back home to earth.  Grandpa told me they were the first men on the moon.  I love when he tells me story about how everybody watched television every time the astronauts went up in the sky to the moon.  But sometimes I wonder about the first men on the moon.

Here’s my problem.

I like looking at old books with nighttime pictures in them.  I just like how the pictures look.  Sometimes there’s mystery and adventure in those nighttime pictures, and sometimes I make stories up in my head about what happened just before that picture got taken.

But you know, if you look at some of those nighttime pictures, there’s a big, old moon in the sky and it’s not just a big white round ball.  It’s got some darker parts and some lighter parts and some in between grey parts.  And then you find out that those nighttime pictures were taken a long time before the astronauts got shot into space, headed on their way to the moon for a vacation.

So where did the other footprints come from, and who made them?

The astronauts didn’t meet any moon people when they visited the moon.  There weren’t any moon messages waiting for them that said “recycle your moon buggies here” or “please don’t litter.”  They didn’t find any campgrounds for parking their spaceship while they were on the moon, and they didn’t see any souvenir shops in little unexpected places along the way.

So who made those footprints on the moon in the nighttime pictures from before the astronauts from NASA walked on the moon?

I’m thinking that probably it has something to do with optical illusions and magic tricks.  I don’t mean that I think someone on the moon is doing magic tricks and creating optical illusions.  I mean that I think maybe people’s imaginations play tricks on them and make those optical illusions that make people think that moon people made footprints on the moon a long time before astronauts landed there.

And I think people’s imaginations play tricks on them the same way it plays tricks on them when they look at a painting that’s flat and it looks not flat.  I saw paintings like that in a book one time when Josh was showing me important art stuff he thought was really cool.  And it was.  There was this one painting in the book he showed me and it looked like things were coming right off the page.

And that’s why 3D movies work … because the movie looks like it’s coming off the screen and headed at the movie goers’ heads.  Sometimes it’s so real, the people in the theater jump back so the thing on the screen doesn’t accidentally hit them.  And then they don’t get hit … because the thing they thought was coming off the screen never left the screen.  It just looked like that because people’s imaginations play tricks on them.

And that’s why I wonder:  So if nobody made those footprints on the moon in the nighttime pictures from before the astronauts walked on the moon, who made that 3D optical illusion and how long is it going to last?

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