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I’ve Got Questions That Need Answering

on April 26, 2013

Everybody knows that I really love listening to the music of ArtieQ and most especially I like his song “Good Morning.” I know all the words and sometimes my big brother doesn’t even have to play the song on his computer for me to sing and dance the “Good Morning” song. It’s just one of those songs that gets inside your heart and makes you sing and dance and sing and dance and sing and dance. It’s so good. That’s what I say.

I like the song so much that it makes me wonder how ArtieQ got so good at writing songs. I asked Aaron if he could send a email to ArtieQ for me and ask him some questions, but Aaron said he didn’t think that was a good idea. But you know, sometimes Aaron says things like that but he’s not thinking like me because if I say something, I’m thinking it’s going to work. I was thinking maybe Aaron said writing to ArtieQ wasn’t a good idea because he was busy doing homework for college so I waited a really long time and then I asked him again if he could send a email to ArtieQ for me. Know what he said?

He said, “Missy, you asked me that ten minutes ago!”

He said it just like that. He said it like ten minutes was not so long a time to wait, but it is. Ten minutes is ten whole minutes. It’s not five or even three; it’s ten! But he was not happy I asked again so I waited the most time I could wait (two books of reading waiting time) and then I asked him again because I was thinking that his homework was probably finished by now. But it wasn’t, and Aaron got a little mad at me.

He said, “Missy, don’t bug me!”

So I sat on his bed and started looking in the college books in his bag and I guess he got finished his homework really fast because he said, “Fine, Missy. Let’s write a email to ArtieQ. But don’t get your hopes up because he’s a busy guy and probably doesn’t have time to answer emails.”

Well, I was thinking that if ArtieQ is so busy that he can’t answer emails, maybe he should get a Chief of Staff to help him. I know how to be a Chief of Staff so I think ArtieQ might like having a Chief of Staff with experience when he hires me to be his Chief of Staff.

Anyway, I told Aaron what to write to ArtieQ and he wrote it and he sent it. Now all I have to do is wait for ArtieQ to write back. I can hardly wait for that email to come back because then Aaron will know that I was thinking maybe yes, ArtieQ would write back and he did. That’s because I have a good feeling about things like that, and that’s not crazy talk. That’s Missy talk!


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