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I May Be Wrong

on April 12, 2013

My brother, Aaron, has a T-shirt that makes me laugh every time he wears it.  It says:  I may be wrong but I doubt it.

If you know my brother, Aaron, you know that he does a lot of reading and studying.  He’s going to the school you go to after high school, and it’s called college.  So he’s going to college.  That’s what a lot of kids do when they get out of high school, because learning is fun.  When I grow up and get finished with high school, I’m going to go to college and keep getting smarter and smarter.

Getting back to my brother, Aaron … he doesn’t talk too much except when he’s at home with all of us here.  Then he talks a lot because he has a lot to say about a lot of things (mostly things he just learned at college).  He’s not my other brother, Josh, who talks a lot about a lot of things (mostly things he learned on the Internet or that his friends tell him).

So the other day, my brothers were talking about ArtieQ and Aaron said that ArtieQ was from the UK; Josh said that ArtieQ was from Los Angeles.  Aaron said that ArtieQ had music in a movie with Cybill Shepherd; Josh said there wasn’t any movie star called Cybill Shepherd so how could ArtieQ’s  music be in a movie with a movie star that didn’t even exist in it.  Aaron said that ArtieQ recorded music with another musician called Achim Wierschem from Dusseldorf; Josh said ArtieQ recorded music with another musician called Mindmovie from somewhere in Germany or Austria or some country like that.

They kept arguing like that – Aaron would say one thing and then Josh would say something else, and then Aaron would say another thing and that meant that Josh had to say other things that sounded like they contradicted what Aaron had already said.  It was pretty loud talking and it kept getting louder and louder.

That’s when it happened.  Josh yelled at Aaron, “You’re wrong and you know it!”

Aaron didn’t yell back at him.  He didn’t even hit him (like Josh does sometimes when Aaron says Josh is wrong).  He just smiled at him.

And then he pointed to his T-shirt.

“You’re a jerk,” Josh said to Aaron as he started down the hallway to the stairs going to the second floor.  “I’m going to prove it to you.  Wait here.”

Then he made sure everyone in the house knew there was a serious discussion about ArtieQ taking place, and Josh stomped on each and every step on the way upstairs to his bedroom.  His bedroom door slammed shut.  BLAM!  Then my cat, Sal the Cat, shot down the stairs to the front room and decided to hide under the couch.

It didn’t take very long until I heard Josh’s studying chair through the ceiling.  It was rolling back and forth across the floor for a bit and then it stopped where his desk is in his room.  And then it rolled around some more, and then Josh stomp clomped back down the stairs again.  Well, there’s probably a college word for what Josh was doing but I’m not in college, so I call it stomp clomping because it sounds like that to me. Stomp! Clomp! Stomp! Clomp!

I tried not to laugh when Josh hung his head over the banister, and shouted at Aaron, “Just because your T-shirt says you’re right this time, doesn’t mean you’re right every time you wear that stupid thing!”

And then Josh stomp clomped back upstairs and stayed upstairs for a really long time.

I think it’s really cool that they teach things about ArtieQ at college.  I can hardly wait until I’m old enough to go to college and learn about ArtieQ and Cybill Shepherd and Germany and Austria and Mindmovie and lots of other neat things like that.

3 responses to “I May Be Wrong

  1. Seven years old, and Missy knows how to use the word “contradict.” That is amazing! I’ll bet that few seven year olds know this word … erhh, I may be wrong though, but I doubt it! 😉 More power to your scribal elbow, Missy. rtq 🙂

    • Elyse Bruce says:

      The reason Missy knows that word and can use it correctly, RTQ, is because — with older brothers, one of which is in college and the other in high school — she hears the word used in more than a few conversations at home. In fact, I believe her mother has told both boys from time to time to stop being so contradictory.

      It’s amazing what children pick up just be watching and hearing adults and older siblings, not to mention what they pick up from television shows and outings to the local shopping mall or community event. 🙂

  2. True, E1. Children do so pick up words, but to use this one correctly amazes me. Really. What a gal!

    By the way, I could clear up Josh & Aarons disagreement, but I think I’ll let them sort it out and provide more entertainment in the Barret household; not to mention yet more ideas for MissyB’s observations. Nice!

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