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A Penny For Your Thoughts

on March 22, 2013

My grandma told me that Canada doesn’t have pennies anymore.  They got rid of them because it cost too much to make them.  That’s what she said the news anchor on the Canadian television station said.

It bugs me that Canada got rid of their pennies because it means kids like me in Canada are getting gypped.  I think they should get mad and make them put the pennies back on, and back off.

Sometimes my mom takes me to the dollar store and there’s stuff there that doesn’t even cost a dollar.  Sometimes you can get things for forty-nine cents … things like stickers or things for scrapbooking (that’s something I do with my grandma and it’s lots of fun) or sometimes even chocolate bars.  But if I was in Canada, I couldn’t buy anything for forty-nine cents or fifty-nine cents, or even ninety-nine cents.  And the store would steal a penny from me every single time I bought something from the store because they would have to ask for fifty cents or sixty cents or a whole dollar, like the name of the store!

So, I’m thinking that if I went to the dollar store in Canada and got something like stickers or things for scrapbooking every single week, somebody would be getting an extra penny out of my piggy bank for no good reason except that somebody got the big idea to get rid of pennies.  That would mean that after fifty weeks, instead of buying stickers or something new for scrapbooking with my grandma, I couldn’t because somebody stole my bonus, and that’s just not right!!!

I think somebody should find out who’s trying to steal all those pennies and bonus pennies from all those kids up in Canada, and make them give all those pennies back.  I’m thinking maybe that person is a lot like the Grinch from the Christmas story, and if I find out who that Grinch is, I’m going to say to him, “Hey, you are very mean and you need to stop stealing from little kids.”

That’s what I would say.


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