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Hey Xbox People!

on February 28, 2013

I got really upset about something I saw on television today. I was watching the news and they talked about the new Xboxes coming in stores next, and I don’t like what I heard.  It says that Microsoft won’t let you play used games in the new Xboxes. That’s crazy talk, don’t you think?

It means that my brothers can’t go to the video game store and trade in their old games to get new old games to play if the old Xbox dies and they have to buy a new Xbox. And you know what else? It means if the old Xbox dies and they have to buy a new Xbox, they won’t be able to play the games they got now because the new Xbox is going to say, “Hey, somebody already played these games on a different Xbox so I’m saying NO to letting them play them on me.”

I don’t think that’s a very good idea because I know how hard Aaron and Josh work to get the money to buy games for their Xbox. It’s mean of the company that makes Xbox to tell them they just wasted all their money just because they want to change things to make it harder to be a smart buyer of games with your money.

That’s not good to do that to people.  That’s why I’m never going to buy an Xbox when I’m a teenager.  And I’m probably never going to be a different game thingy either because you never know when someone at the other company is going to say, “Hey, I think the Xbox guys got a smart idea so I think I’m going to do the same thing!”

That would not be good, so I’m going to make sure I never get fooled by companies like that.  I think I’ll just stick to playing old-fashioned games like fun board games for ages 8 and up, and cards.  At least you don’t have to worry that the makers of those are going to change the rules and mess up your fun.

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