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Charging With Coffee

on February 21, 2013

Sometimes I think my big brother, Aaron, is just making me a story when he tells me stuff about cool stuff he wants to buy.

You know what he told me this morning? He said that you can charge a cellphone with one of my mom’s coasters. I think he’s making things up. If that’s true, how come I never see mom using a coaster that way? ¬†Especially when she looks at the teeny icon on her phone that says, “Hey, it’s time to charge up your phone again!”

But Aaron kept on saying it was true and he said that the people that invented the coaster used a really old engine to make it work. That was another thing that gave me the idea he was making it all up. I’ve seen engines. Some are really big like the one in my mom’s car, and some are really small like the one in my other brother, Josh’s radio-controlled airplane. But you know, I never saw a motor in any of my mom’s coasters, so I think Aaron’s making this up just to fool me.

He said that it’s 200-year-old technology and that’s just crazy talk because they didn’t even have cellphones back then!

Anyway, I’m going to ask Josh to go online with me and look it up. Even the name is wrong. It’s not called something cool like the eCoffee eCoaster eCharger Upper. No, Aaron says it’s called the OnE Puck. Why would they call it after something you need to play hockey?

I’m thinking Aaron just wants to find out if I’m easy to fool like I was when I was only 5 years old.

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